Research and Development

Esteem Royale Cosmetics Limited (ERCL) Research and Product Development Strategy is focused on creating efficacious, innovative beauty products with high quality ingredients that visibly brighten, tone, hydrate, repair and beautify the skin. There is a marked difference in our products from the texture to the fragrance, packaging and overall feel – we focus on delivering superior products with noticeable, meaningful benefits to consumers.


We enjoy strong working relationships with industry leading factories and suppliers who have worked with Esteem Royale Cosmetics since inception. The power of these partnerships and networks allows us to uniquely innovate collaboratively across our industry – from upstream ideas to downstream execution. As part of our larger enterprise initiative to develop unique products with key suppliers, we work together on a strategic basis – in all different areas of research, product development, product testing, manufacturing and package design. We bring them in at the strategy stage and work together throughout the production, marketing and product release phases. The exchange of ideas, capabilities and insights allows us to achieve what neither party could do on its own. All ERC products are manufactured in ISO 14001 certified factories.


When it comes to packaging in prestige beauty, it is paramount to the consumer’s total experience. Part of the total experience for our customers is the beauty of the package that our products are presented in. We have created an end-to-end packaging plan that touches our business: from product development to marketing and sales and ultimately to our customers. Our designs are clean, edgy and fashionable to the discerning eye. Our signature red branding has become a customer favorite enhancing the delivery of our products and increasing their appeal. From concept to design, we are known for our ability to deliver captivating package designs that customers can proudly display on their counters and dressers. 

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