At A Glance

Esteem Royale Cosmetics Limited (ERCL) is a bio-cosmetics company that merges scientific research, product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. It was established in Manchester, United Kingdom in 2013. 

Our Vision is to become the No. 1 global cosmetics brand out of Africa by 2028

Our Mission is to become a global leader in prestige beauty by creating safe and efficacious products that help people embrace their beauty and desire to be beautiful.

Our Strategy is hinged on customer centrism, employee well-being, continuous innovation and rapid sustainable growth based on social appearances, e-commerce and an integrated supply-chain. 

Our culture is often described as a rare mix of family values with a high-performing start-up company. This unique mix translates into a fast-paced, innovative, company with a competitive spirit that is a powerful source of motivation for our people. We believe that we exist because of our customers and that there is a buy-in on the dream, a sense of ownership and a focus on our long-term, sustainable growth which engenders loyalty and commitment from our customers and other stakeholders.

Our Values are rooted in our Founders’ respect for individual creativity, fearless persistence, uncompromising ethics and integrity. Building on these core values we also abide by the following principles:

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