Retail Operations

Our business is organized in geographic regions with four leading markets in 3 continents, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ghana and the United States of America. We also have emerging markets in the Middle East, Southern Africa and the European Union. Being selective and strategic about how and where our brands are sold preserves our prestige positioning while delivering a superior experience to the consumer. Consumers are at the center of this retail journey, and we aim to help them make the best personal connection with our brands. 

Critical to our success is a focus on cultural relevance – the ability to ensure that our products, marketing and in-store experiences reflect the aspirations and desires of consumers in the markets we serve. And as customer’s shopping behaviors evolve – driven by technology, demographic shifts and the growing affluence of social media, reality shows and populations in emerging markets – our ability to be nimble becomes more important. 


esteem royale ecommerce store

E-commerce is the fastest-growing channel for the sale of Esteem Royale Cosmetics products, with consumers accessing the brands they covet online, on their smartphones and through social media channels. Our e-commerce sites were launched in 2013, for UK customers and for global customers with our first customers finding us through our social media channels. This would be the start of a business strategy that capitalized on pop-culture, social media appearances and digital marketing to build and expand our global customer-base.

Today, we have nearly 70% of our sales coming through our websites, and we are the number one prestige beauty retailing online in Nigeria. Digital commerce continues to drive double-digit sales growth in both established and emerging markets, where mobile phone is the dominant tool for shopping online. Harmonizing our digital marketing capabilities and social media presence with our offline retail is how we tie it all together to provide shoppers with a seamless multi-channel experience. Through our websites and our social media platforms, we are listening to what customers are saying while developing tomorrow’s beauty trends.

Social Media

esteem royale brand ambassador 2018

One of the largest and most significant forces transforming our industry is the rise of the millennials. These savvy consumers between ages 18 and 38, are “netizens” living on and for the internet. With their digital savviness, they expect smooth shopping experience across the online and mobile worlds and it’s all tied to beauty and what’s in vogue in the fashion and beauty world.

Reaching these consumers where and when they like to shop is what drives our social media strategy. We’re harmonizing our social media presence with our e-commerce capabilities to provide shoppers with a seamless experience across multiple channels that allow customers discover our products on a blog, reading reviews, sharing comments on social platforms, sampling products in a store and then purchasing them online.

We continue to invest in innovative digital marketing and social media campaigns to increase consumer engagement with our brands.