Esteem Royale Cosmetics’ (ERC) sustained growth comes from our balanced and focused business, powered by excellent products and services using modern technology and expert skills. We are one of the few cosmetics start-ups focused solely on prestige beauty, with an unparalleled portfolio of more than 35 differentiated products suited to consumers in every climate. 

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Our goal is to outpace the industry’s sales growth by at least one percentage point annually – a goal we have consistently striven for  since our first fiscal year, 2014-2015. 

Our 10-year strategy is hinged on running a contemporary business that identifies emerging trends in prestige beauty, influences in popular culture, high street and customer demands that helps us position our brands in the fastest-growing countries and emerging markets. We react quickly as macro conditions and consumer behavior changes, reallocating resources to areas of strength to capitalize on the best opportunities in our marketplace.

Our financial discipline, cost saving operations and emphasis on efficiency provide resources to pursue high-growth products, improve our strategic marketing and help drive sales. In 2018, we developed a multi-year operational plan to reduce production and operational costs, improve brand visibility, increase our delivery speed and to invest in new activities that will help fuel our growth. Some of these activities include research, product development, manufacturing, product release management, retail, digital and social media marketing, customer rewards and new consumer facing activities.

In 2018, we will also position our business to capture new consumers and retain our existing ones. We plan to do this by strengthening our brand portfolio, investing in new products and enhancing our digital and social media engagement. From 2018 we will be turning customers to brand heroes by rewarding loyalty and capturing new customers through strategies that include giving free samples with every purchase and by supporting individual sole traders, micro businesses and students who wish to sell our products with initial start-up packages. With our new improved formulas, strategic marketing, efficient operations, effective service delivery, industry growth and favorable consumer behavior, we expect to generate strong sales revenue and constant currency double-digit increases in earnings per share. 

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