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Winner 'Best New Bath and Shower Product' 2019
Winner ‘Best New Bath and Shower Product’ 2019

Esteem Royale Cosmetics is a brand that creates healthy performance skin care potions that specifically tone, hydrate, brighten and de-age colored skin. Starting with ‘Esteem Beauty Lounge’ as an open space for women to share beauty tips and tricks while relaxing with body, face, hair and nail treatments, by 2018 it was rebranded as Esteem Royale Cosmetics.

Clarifying Series Collection
Esteem Royale Clarifying Skincare Series

 “The word ‘esteem’ is evocative of veneration, awe, homage, high praise, reverence and adulation. It stands for the innate desire to be beautiful and confident in oneself.”

Since the release of our papaya soap in 2013 we have formulated soaps, creams, exfoliators, oils, mists and supplements with signature packaging, high quality proprietary formulas, superior customer centric approach to business that has become some of what makes Esteem Royale so special. Esteem Royale skin care products are multi-functional, containing organic anti-aging, skin lightening and blemish control ingredients for face and body, suited to tropical weathers.

Original Esteem Royale Papaya Soap
Esteem Royale Papaya Soap Series 1, 2013


Perfected over 6 years, after nearly 300 experiments, the main products brands are Clarifying Series, Royale Marrakech Blend, Skin Illume, SkinScienc and Beauty Manic. Specifically, product categories include Creams, Soaps, Oils, Body Wash, Scrubs, Masks and Herbal supplements. Since inception, Esteem has sold over 46,000 products across Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates and other global locations.




Esteem Royale Goat Milk Soap Collection
Esteem Royale Goat Milk Soap: Winner ‘Best New Bath and Shower Product’ Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019.

 “Esteem Royale has deployed a business model marked by dynamic growth since its creation in 2013. Our business model is anchored in a long-term vision that builds on the origin of our brands and stimulates innovation and excellent service delivery. This model drives our success and ensures a promising future.”




While we’re always up-to-date on cosmetics innovations, the message we are sending is bigger, “you deserve to be royally adulated and admired and noticed”.  Esteem Royale is all about your state of mind, knowing what you want, going for it and being confident in your choices. Esteem Royale Cosmetics gives customers, differentiated and exclusive mix of our five different brands across several collections of skin care and makeup products. 

Dynamic Face Trio
Esteem Royale: Dynamic Face Trio

Pushing the Boundaries of Beauty


Esteem Royale is geared to meet the ever-growing customer demands by providing healthier, efficacious cosmetics using high quality proprietary formulations manufactured in our ISO certified factories that adhere to strict quality control and international environmental, health and safety standards for cosmetics manufacturing. 

Our Beauty Inspiration


Clarifying Papaya SoapOur style is informed by our customers along with social media, street style, and popular culture. We have developed skin care potions and makeup that cater to people of every color and every age in different climates with inputs from our loyal customers, retailers, distributors, dermatologists and beauty experts.  Our love for sweet smelling fragrances, light cream textures, rosy cheeks and dewy glow is evident in our best-selling products.

The typical ‘EsteemBabe’ is at the forefront of beauty trends. She is confident and feminine. Her glowing skin does the talking for her, she slays with or without makeup, her ever-radiant, toned and hydrated skin adds a sense of effortless luxury to her everyday life. She is the fun-loving student that everyone wants to be like, she is the hardworking professional whose classic style influences in the boardroom. She is the vivacious celebrity or casual babe who is not afraid to show her curves when she parties in style. She is the girl you want as part of your squad.

Esteem Royale Flier
Esteem Royale is sold nationwide and available on and

The typical ‘EsteemBloke’ is suave, always impeccably groomed with hydrated skin that adds a sense f effortless luxury to his everyday fashion. His style is unique and he is that confident guy that everyone wants to be friends with. He knows what he wants and goes for it. Whenever there is a need for a leader, he is the obvious choice. He is the style conscious student or the dapper professional whose classic style is worth a magazine feature. 


colors of orion matte liptick
Colors of Orion Liquid Matte Lipstick Collection

We get excited by interesting individuals, whether it’s our customers or our people. We want to feed this interesting individuality, empowering people to look, feel and be their best so they can achieve amazing things. We do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services. We have always put the customer first – launching free local delivery and rewarding loyal customers with every purchase.

Esteem Royale is dedicated to all who desire beauty. We welcome you to our store.