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Brand Envoy

Become an emissary, promoter and evangelist for our brand?

  • Do you want to become an influencer?
  • Are you seriously into beauty and skincare?
  • Do you want to get get free products, discounts and access to our exclusive VIP events and benefits?

Then this is your chance to become an Esteem Royale Brand Envoy!

Esteem Royale Brand Envoy

How it Works

  • Simply apply using the form below.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will be provided a Special Envoy Discount Code to share with your friends and followers.
  • Every time someone makes a purchase using your discount code, they get 10% off their order. And you receive free gifts, from our latest product launches or a 10% commission on every single sale.

Who can become an Esteem Royale Brand Envoy?

EVERYONE CAN! It does not matter how many followers you have, or how popular your handle is. We are all influencers of the people in our circle, and a heads-up from you means more to your network, than some YouTube or IG celebrities that they don't know. You have an influence, why not get compensated for recommending great beauty products? And who knows, you may suddenly gain wild popularity.

Fill in the form to join the Esteem Royale Cosmetics family today and get your code to share with your friends and family.


Brand Envoy Application Form