Brand Ambassadors

Esteem Royale Cosmetics (ERC) is both an inspiration and aspirational brand that creates new concepts and formulas to delight consumers.  We create efficacious skin care portions that specifically tone, hydrate, brighten and de-age all skin types. We never underestimate anyone’s desire to look and feel beautiful. 

“The word ‘esteem’ is evocative of veneration, awe, homage, high praise, reverence and adulation. It stands for the innate desire to be beautiful and confident in oneself.”

We are committed to using the power of the ERC Brand to provide you with


Face of Esteem Royale Brand

What a Brand Ambassador does

The core traits of an ERC Brand Ambassador


Esteem Royale Brand Ambassador

If you embody all of the above, we’d like to invite you

Here’s how to become an ERC Brand Ambassador

  1. Follow us on IG @esteemroyale
  2. Send an email to the Brand Impact Manager, Esteem Royale Cosmetics Limited highlighting your skills, experiences and social media details
  3. We’ll respond to you and have a formal chat with you to reach an agreement.

We look forward to having you on our team.